My teeth have always bothered me. They are quite pushed out and not straight.


I should have got braces when I was younger but didn't and now I regret it! I finally decided to see if there was anything I could do to improve things and googled places that offered bracesĀ  - I clicked on a few and decided to go to one that was near the city centre. I am so happy that I did because attending the Glasgow Smile Clinic has changed everything for me!


I was offered a consultation with Dr Sher and when I came in to see him he really explained everything clearly. Instead of the old metal train track braces for years, there have been a number of advances meaning that my treatment would be quicker and look nicer during it!

I was given the choice of clear plastic moulds or aligners that I could wear that were practically invisible, or a system called six month smiles which was white wire and white anchors that were hardly noticeable. I chose the six month smiles one as it would work a bit quicker and was more cost effective for me. I was also amazed to learn that there was a removable brace that wasn't suitable for me but could straighten teeth in about 10 weeks!!


Dr Sher took some moulds of my teeth and sent them to the people who make the braces. At my next visit he glued the anchors on and attached the white wire. It was a bit uncomfortable for a few hours but I got used to it quickly. I then had to attend every month to get some things tightened and adjusted. Very quickly things started to move and I noticed a big difference. After about 5 months Dr Sher gave me the good news that the braces could come off and I would get some retainers to make the final position perfect and also keep the teeth in that position long term.


I have been very impressed but the quick short term braces that I got and would definitely recommend it. It has really changed my life as I can now smile with confidence.

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