Dental Implants


My denture has alway bothered me. I think you can tolerate them but there is no quality of life like I used to have when I had all my own teeth! I always complained to my wife that it was never the same trying to eat the things I liked with a big bit of plastic in my mouth, and the denture always moved about so I was never confident meeting people or when I had an important client with my job. The quality of the denture was ok but having fixed in teeth would be dream!


It was very strange at first to have no denture but i was so relieved to have got rid of that thing! For a few days after the dental implants were placed it was tender and swollen but after that i was thrilled getting to smile and chew with full confidence. a few months later we changed the temporary teeth over to the permanent ones and I haven't looked back. The best decision I have ever made and my life will not be the same again. I cant thank the Glasgow Smile Clinic enough for the way they looked after me and gave me back my smile!


Thankfully i plucked up the courage to do something about it - the best decision I have ever made. My friend had been raving about a dentist he had got some work done at about a year ago, so I asked for their number and called up to make an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't want payment for this first visit as I wasn't sure what I could get done at that stage.

The dentist I saw explained that I wasn't alone in hating my denture and that if I was suitable then Dental implants were a good option for me. I could only be deemed suitable if I had enough bone to incase the implants which are just like small medical screws that would anchor my new teeth in.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have enough bone but after the special X-ray, i was told that I did but would need a bit of minor bone addition when they were putting the dental implants in.

The next bit of the treatment really stunned me as a 3D SCAN was taken of the inside of my mouth and then the dentist took video of me smiling and talking and after that proceeded to design my ideal smile in front of me! From this design he explained that they would send it away to get made by computer and at my next visit I would walk out with temporary teeth but fixed in!! After 10 years with a full denture I was so happy that on the same day as putting implants in i would be getting my teeth! Unbelievable.

The clinic called to tell me my case and new teeth were back and i made an appointment to get it done. on the day, the dentist numbed my mouth up, made sure I wasn't feeling anything and then in about an hour the implants were put in. it took slightly longer to the attach the new teeth to the implants to make sure i was biting properly.

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