Dental Implants


I had fallen and broken my tooth when I was a teenager. The tooth had to be root treated at that time. After a few years I need a crown and a pin in it. Unfortunately a little while later the crown broke and the tooth wasn't salvegeable. It needed to be taken out and as you can imagine i was devastated that i wasting to be left with a gap at the front when I was only 29 years old.


We had to wait a wee bit of time for the implant to fuse with the bone and then Dr Gardee matched the new crown on the implant perfectly to my other teeth. I can definitely say that the whole experience was first class and I love my new tooth - it beats having a denture or having my other teeth drilled for a bridge! I would definitely recommend the Glasgow Smile Clinic to my family and friends and a few have actuallymade appointments to go and see them!


My dentist couldn't do Implants so I googled it and decided to give the free consultation for dental implants at the glasgow smile clinic a go. I really appreciated that I was going to be seen by a dentist for this as some places I researched only offered a free appointment with another member of staff.

On the day I arrived early as it was easier to find than i expected, just up the road from the Glasgow Hydro Arena. Luckily the patient before me had cancelled so I was taken straight in where I met Dr Gardee. I liked how friendly and knowledgeable he was and he had a look in my mouth, took some photos and we looked at it in detail on the large TV he has in his room. He explained very clearly the options I had - a denture, a bridge or a dental implant . I had already done some looking on the web about this so I knew that the best long term solution for me was a dental implant. The procedure was explained to me and so were the costs. I also really liked that i didn't feel pressured into getting anything done straight away and Dr GARDEE told me to go away and think about things before i made a decision. In the end it was easy to make and I was sure I had found an expert who could help me.

On the next appointment Dr GARDEE did a full examination, took X-rays and also explained that at his clinic most of the work was done digitally, so he scanned the inside of my mouth and I was blown away with the technology being able to see my mouth on the screen in 3D!

From this I had to have a bone scan, I think its called a CT scan. This showed whether I had enough bone to do the implant. Dr gardee then sent the Ct scan and mouth scan away to another member of his team where they made a thing to put in my mouth to guide exactly where they wanted to put the dental implant something Dr GARDEE called guided surgery.Apparently many dentists dont do this and just put the implant in by sight, so it seemed that the guided way was more accurate.

On the day of the implant getting done I was slightly nervous but I was so happy with how I had been treated so far that i new I was in good hands. The worst part was a tiny nip to numb me up but after that I felt nothing as i was numb. It took about 45 minutes start to finish, at the end it felt like my lip was very swollen but it wasn’t. I was also happy to hear that the Glasgow Smile Clinic only uses the most researched dental implants in the world as I believe there are many companies that make them but not all are as good as each other. My one was made in Switzerland.

The first few days after the implant was put in my mouth was a bit tender but paracetamol helped, I was able to go back to work 2 days after and 2 weeks later the stiches were taken out

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