When I was young I should have got braces, but I didn't realise how important it was to have a good looking smile until later when it was too late.....


I have been a long time patient at the Glasgow Smile Clinic for the past 10 years. My teeth are in fairly good shape and I have been going to see Dr Gardee for routine care. I always have a good chat with him when I’m in and I look forward to my visit every six months. I have been aware that Dr.Gardee has been developing his practice digitally with the latest technology but at my last visit, he told that he was now teaching other dentists and lecturing in different parts of the world on Digital Smile Design.


I came to see him the following week and was blown away to see that my new teeth had been printed as a 3D model from a 3D printer. He took a mould of this and put some white stuff inside it and then put that over my teeth. When he took the mould out, the white stuff had turned hard and astoundingly, I had a new smile! We took some more video and then Dr Gardee took the white stuff off my teeth very easily. We sat down to have a look at the before and after pictures and I loved the way my new teeth looked so much that I’ve decided to get some cosmetic dentistry to make them look like I’ve always wanted them to look. The process was so easy and fun that I think it’s worth anyone who would like to see what their teeth could look like if they were as naturally perfect as possible getting digital smile design done on them too.


I asked him to explain what he was doing and better than that, he decided to show me! From what I understand, Digital Smile Design is a way to design an individual’s ideal personal smile and show it to them live in their mouth before work has even started. Dr. Gardee took some video of my teeth and face fromm different angles and then fed that information into his computer. From this, in front of me, he designed my ideal smile like an architect designs the blueprints of a house before it is built. He then 3D scanned my teeth and sent the information over the internet to his digital technicians to bring my smile to life. 

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