I hated my smile. I always felt as if I was covering it up in photos and my confidence was totally shot. On my profile picture on Facebook I always had one of me in the distance and I never posted selfies of me smiling and was always teased about it by my friends. I know it sounds vain, but I was sure that if I had a good looking smile then the rest of me would be complete!


When I came back to get them finally fitted It was super to see how closely the veneers matched the ones I helped design and they looked so natural! Dr GARDEE explained that it was like that because of the new technology that was available in some dentists today. My new teeth have made me so happy and I keep getting complimented by people that i have a great smile. As a side note shortly after getting them fitted I went for a new job and got it. I really think that it was because I felt so confident that day and Im sure it was related to my new veneers.


At my free appointment I met Dr Gardee who seemed to know exactly what I was feeling. He said that he had seen hundreds of people like me and the good thing was that with a bit of work I could have the smile of my dreams. He showed me a few videos he had posted online of work he had done and also let me know that he was one of only 2 Digital Smile design teachers in the UK. He explained thatwith Digital smile design I could be involved in the design of my own teeth more accurately and also get a preview of what my new smile could look like live in my mouth before we had even started. It seemed to good to be true but he took some videos of my face and smile and then designed my ideal smile for me. I came back the following week and he had a mould ready which he quickly popped in my mouth and when he took it out i had an amazing looking smile!! I really was about to cry that I could see myself  the way I had always though i could look but held it together and was ready to start right there and then! But Dr Gardee told me I still had some work to get before starting so we took some measurements my teeth and he sent the file away to get adjusted on the computer so that the next time i attended we could start.

At this stage I also applied for the interest free finance so that I could spread the payment of my new teeth over a year. Thankfully it was accepted and I was counting the days till I could get my new teeth.

At the appointment I had my teeth numbed so I couldn't feel a thing and then Dr Gardee reshaped my teeth and then scanned my teeth with his special 3D camera. The scan was sent way to make my teeth in the colour i had chosen and exactly like the shape and sizeI had helped design a few weeks previously. temporary veneers were placed for a week or two while the new ones were being made.

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