Glasgow Smile Clinic are pleased to be associated as the EXCLUSIVE distributor of Europe’s best mouth guards in Glasgow.

If you take part in any type of contact sport or activity where you may end up missing a tooth or two (!) then it is essential that you use a protective covering for your teeth. Commonly used in Martial Arts, Rugby, Skateboarding and Boxing, these pieces of kit are an absolute essential if you want to keep that beautiful smile and save on costly dental treatment.

Typically the ones that can be bought as a “boil in the bag” type, are ill fitting and are unlikely to protect your teeth adequately. The better variety are custom made after taking a professional dental impression.

The best company in Europe supplying this type are called Funky Gums. Dr Gardee himself uses them when training and so do his kids.

In 15 years of dentistry I have never seen a better mouth guard and the price is unbelievably good value!

They can be customised with the color, logo and text of your choice. Prices can be seen on their website, and we charge exactly the same 

See some designs here.

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