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We understand how appearance, self-confidence and even success are closely linked - so it pays to have a straight, confident smile. Our teeth straightening services concentrate on achieving harmony between your teeth, face and jaw for long-lasting beautifully natural results. No longer are 2 years of meta braces the only option. There are now a wide range of orthodontic treatment options available to improve your smile, and our first priority is to assess which is the right one for you.

Teeth straightening can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your smile and therefore your confidence. This in turn can increase your social and career success.

Teeth straightening can also improve dental function. By aligning the teeth, the forces exerted on them when you chew or talk can be  balanced, resulting in better long term health for your teeth, gums.

Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, reducing the chance of cavities and gum disease.

In some cases where we are considering replacing missing teeth or restoring chipped, cracked or broken teeth with veneers, teeth straightening before-hand can allow us to achieve a better result with less reduction of your own natural teeth.

We offer a full range of both fixed and removable teeth straightening systems including:

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    My denture has alway bothered me. I think you can tolerate them but there is no quality of life like I used to have when I had all my own teeth! I always complained to my wife that it was never the same trying to eat the things I liked with a big bit of plastic in my mouth, and the denture always moved about so I was never confident meeting people or when I had an important client with my job.

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    I had fallen and broken my tooth when I was a teenager. The tooth had to be root treated at that time. After a few years I need a crown and a pin in it. Unfortunately a little while later the crown broke and the tooth wasn't salvegeable. It needed to be taken out and as you can imagine i was devastated that i wasting to be left with a gap at the front when I was only 29 years old.

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    I hated my smile. I always felt as if I was covering it up in photos and my confidence was totally shot. On my profile picture on Facebook I always had one of me in the distance and I never posted selfies of me smiling and was always teased about it by my friends. I know it sounds vain, but I was sure that if I had a good looking smile then the rest of me would be complete!

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